Sivananda Yoga Tel Aviv

Health is wealth
Peace of mind is Happiness
Yoga shows the way

                                      Swami Vishnu Devananda                          

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Yoga Studio In Tel-Aviv


In the heart of Tel Aviv, the Sivananda Yoga Centre is an island of peace and a shelter from the stress and demands of our everyday life. The Center is a branch of the International Sivananda Yoga organization which is known worldwide for its high standards of yogic teaching and personal development. The Center is not just another Yoga Studio but an urban Ashram where you can learn the Yogic lifestyle in all it’s aspects including Yogic postures (Asanas), Breathing exercises (Pranayama), Meditation, Positive Thinking, Guided Imagery and Yogic Diet.

We operate as a non-profit organization in the spirit of Karma Yoga, selfless service. All the members of the Executive Board – receptionists  – maintenance people Serve you in volunteering to share their gift called “Yoga”.

Classes and courses are offered daily.

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Phone: +972-3-6961810
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Location: 6 Leteris St. Tel Aviv


Yoga is for everyone


There is no age limit for those who want to practice Yoga. Yoga is performed slowly, with concentration, deep breathing, and awareness. Yoga postures strengthen the body and have a positive effect on the mental and emotional levels.

Yoga improves flexibility of the spine and joints, strengthens the muscles of the body, and promotes the proper functioning of internal organs and glands. Through Yoga the body is revitalized and naturally comes to a state of equilibrium.